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Lily Cowles is an American actor known mostly for her role as Isobel in the acclaimed Roswell, New Mexico television show. Her other credits include appearances on numerous television shows, among them assignments for The Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Chuck, Brides and many more. She has also made several film appearances, most notably Rosemary, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Lily Cowles day will always be remembered for the contributions she made to the world of television in the early part of the 20th century. As a young woman, she studied drama at the Manhattan College of Theater, which was founded by none other thanences B.B. Roebuck. Lily Cowles first appeared in the midst of this new wave of popular actresses when her role as a spy in The Spy Who Loved Me marked a major achievement in the history of television.

Lily Cowles then went on to appear in quite a few films, including appearing in Rosemary, for which she won an Oscar for, as was her second feature. More recently, she has been one of the leads in the new feature Finding Neverland with Tom Hanks. She is also currently working on a movie starring in the role of Gloria Tasken, called Beauteous Professionals.

As an actor, Lily Cowles has achieved some great success in both the theater and the big screen. She has also built up quite a substantial net worth, most of it coming from her roles in the entertainment business. She is most notable for being the only non-white female character in the final reel of the famous Walt Disney film, Beauty and the Beast. Although audiences had probably forgotten her by the time the movie came out, she still managed to garner critical acclaim, with some even calling her performance one of the best that the film has ever received.

As a personality, Lily Cowles presents as an interesting mixture of sassiness, confidence, and intelligence. While her mannerisms may make her seem aloof, she exudes an air of enthusiasm that seems to come naturally. Her acting abilities are also extremely polished, having honed over the years. In addition, she seems to relish the spotlight, frequently giving one-liners and wise advice to those who listen. One of her most famed quotes is, "You'll never get a second chance at life," which she said on her first TV talk show.

Lily Cowles has also appeared in several movies set in New Mexico, including Braindead and Dressed to Kill. Her role in the latter was particularly memorable for the fact that she did not really act but did portray a dead woman's voice and manner of speaking, which made her more than a little bit mysterious. The most recent of these movies to star Cowles is the true story of the disappearance and murder of nursing student Pamela Springs, which was made into an award-winning movie by directed by none other than Clint Eastwood himself.

Lily Cowles has definitely made quite a name for herself, and while she admits that becoming famous is always a possibility, she remains modest about the actual chances of actually getting that recognition. "If I'm asked to do a movie or do a commercial or do something like that, I would be honored, but I don't see it as being a lucrative amount of money," she states. Despite this modesty, Cowles does admit to being approached by various different types of people who offer money for her to say, quote, or perform. These are simply "thoughtful" attempts to improve her net worth, she says.

Additionally, cowles has successfully maintained a strong fan base among American women, particularly those that have followed her path from working in the entertainment industry in California, to television, to the Big screen, to well-known roles in Hollywood. She relates that many of these women continue to watch her shows, "even if they never talk to anybody else." The overall idea, according to cowles, of continuing to work in the entertainment industry even when you no longer like the kinds of projects you're being offered is "a healthy thing".