Naran Khagan is known for its scenic beauty that has captivated not only the sight of local residents but all the visitors and foreigners. Naran's attractions has made it worth visiting.


The Mansehra District includes Naran and Kaghan, two vibrant and scenic places in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The Himalayas' dominant lush green mountains cover this valley, which is covered by thick Alpine forests. The allure of visiting such locations is heightened by the mesmerizing Naran elegance. It's no exaggeration to say that God has endowed this region with a unique beauty that draws people in.

Naran's beauty is possibly Pakistan's most colorful and inspiring location owing to its stunning views. Every year, a large number of visitors visit these places to take in the scenery.

I guarantee you'll have a wonderful time if you're taking a holiday with relatives by booking one of the best Naran Kaghan tour packages and explore Naran Attractions with your friends or cousins. Also, to minimize the time gap for travelers, the government developed a new highway to conserve time so that they would arrive as soon as possible.

The route to Naran Valley begins at the ice sheets and glaciers of Kaghan and leads to Mansehra. People speak several languages, including Hindko and Gojri, but Urdu is widely understood and spoken. Shalwar kameez with a long bottom is the most traditional attire. There are a lot of people of tall statures. On average, people are 5"8' to 5"9' tall, with males being slightly taller.


Besides, Naran is approximately 2500 meters above sea level. The Naran weather is regularly good in the valley. The climate remains slightly cold, except for the hot summers in the south. Above everything, the spell of precipitation on the Himalayan hills, accompanied by the steady and seamless flow of water into the Kunhar River, is a breathtaking sight.

It should also be remembered that Naran is very cold in the winter, with ice almost everywhere.

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In this essay, we'll go through some of the most beautiful sites in Naran that you can see. You should give them a call. Taking a look at the following locations in Naran Kaghan Valley that might be the most appealing.

a. Saif Ul Malook Lake

According to a survey, Laik Saif Ul Malook is one of the best and most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is well-known for all travelers due to its mesmerizing beauty. There is a lot of snow in the winter, and the lake is nearly entirely covered in it.

This lake is also home to brown trout.

You can love camping at night. It is a wonderful sight to spend some time beneath the beautiful sky with stars all over you. During the day, you can even go boating.

8 kilometers north of Lake Saif ul Malook is Naran Valley. It takes about an hour to travel from Naran to Saif ul Malook. In the local area, you can rent Jeeps and go camping. You can use these jeeps to get from Naran Valley to Saif Ul Malook Lake.

Local drivers who are familiar with the area's roads are favored because they are bumpy and unsafe if not taken care of. People employ these jeeps to take their friends and family to Saif Ul Malook. Others go to Lake Ul Malook to sail.

There are also many hotels and shops in Saiful Malook.

Himalayan mountains ring the lake, rising to a height of approximately 10,499 feet (3,224 meters) above sea level. Taking a jeep ride from Naran valley to Saif Ul Malook lake, which provides many stunning views of the valley, will get you there in no time.

Also, a three-hour lake tour is open. You can't help but enjoy the alluring charm that surrounds you as you start enjoying all of the spaces around you.

b. Lulusar Lake

Another lovely lake is Lulusar Lake, which is situated in the Kaghan Valley and attracts visitors from all over Pakistan. The continuous flow of water and the brightness of sunshine contribute to Naran's charm. The place is well-known as a tourist destination owing to the incredibly tall and slender mountains. The high mountains are blanketed with snow all year.

If you want to see this pool, go in the summer because there is a lot of greenery with just a little snow on the ground.

You may see foxes, wild bears, birds of prey, Himalayan snowcock, lynx, and marmots among many other animals and creatures when visiting the Lulusar lake. It's just that the Lulusar Dudipatsar National Park has this lake. Tourists should even consider hiking and walking, as well as staying for a day.

The Lulusar Lake would be about 50 kilometers from the Naran Valley and is about 3,410 meters above sea level, or about 11,190 feet above sea level. After a nearly one-and-a-half-hour drive, this location is easily accessible. This lake is also significant because it is a source of water for the Kunhar River.

c. Ansoo Lake

You can also visit Ansoo Lake in the Naran Valley, which is a very peaceful and lovely lake. Ansoo Lake is situated in the Himalayas at a height of 4,250 meters. You will relax and enjoy the peaceful beauty of nature by visiting this pool.

You can first take a jeep to Lake Saif Ul Malook because the roads are likely to be rough. After that, you will go on a horseback trip to the Himalayan Range's Upper Himalayas. You'll arrive at Ansoo Bay after another hour of driving, where you can take a breath of fresh air.

Apart from Malika Parbat, Ansu is a high-elevation pool in the form of a tear. The Saif-ul-Malook lake is normally reached through an 11-kilometer trail that starts at the lake. The lake is available from early May to late December, with the beginning and end of the season becoming difficult to enter due to the worsening atmosphere.

You may be wondering why this lake is known as "tear lake." The name "Tear Pool" comes from the shape of the lake. It has a teary feel to it. Until you visit this lake, you forget about everything.

It is so soothing and tempting that it attracts your attention and most definitely takes over your mind. You should capture all of the incidents in your camera and preserve them as memories for later reference.

Furthermore, the safest and most accessible time to visit this lake is from June to August, as opposed to other months, since the area remains snow-covered throughout the rest of the year, making it dangerous for tourists and travelers.

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