Drink at the end of the year party! Seven ultra-simple "whiskey mixes" can be done by the supermarket next door!

For the six base wines, the popularity of "whiskey" is probably one of the best. It has a unique spicy taste when drunk purely. Depending on the brewing method, it can also taste smoky, wooden barrel and mud. Various flavors such as coal smell. Whiskey blending with other drinks is a must-try drink in the bar. Here are 7 super-flavored "whiskey blends". The ingredients are extremely simple and convenient stores can handle them. Let you enjoy the weekend at home. night!

The most classic taste: Whiskey Coke:

I believe that all drunks are no strangers to this classic combination. Its legendary character is like "Sprite + Vodka". It can even be said to be the basic common sense of bartending (whiskey is to add Coke, otherwise, why do you want it?), because whiskey It has a bit of spicy taste, and it is a perfect match with sweet Coke. It can also be adjusted according to personal preferences. If the amount of alcohol is poor, add more Coke. If you plan to come to a drink, you can add more whiskey.


Highball: Whiskey Soda

The so-called Highball actually refers to an alcoholic beverage of "alcohol + soda". Among them, "whiskey soda" is the most famous, which has almost become synonymous with Highball. This kind of drinking method is quite popular in Japan. When you go to izakayas and yakiniku shops, you will be able to order "Jiaohei" (Highball) because it is refreshing and easy to drink, has a low alcohol concentration, and can be paired with different juices. It is suitable for female office workers, It is very popular among college students, and the party is absolutely indispensable for a cup of Highball!


Sweet and ancient taste: winter melon tea whiskey:

The next bartender is a trend brought by the alcoholic Youtuber " Eun Hee Jun aka MC Jeng ". The whisky is blended with the authentic winter melon tea from Taiwan, bursting out an amazing and wonderful taste. Crazy! Winter melon tea itself has the sweetness of caramel, which just neutralizes the slightly bitter and bitter taste of whiskey. The two complement each other to create a very smooth and delicious special color wine. Those who are afraid of the unique taste of whiskey may wish to try .


Grandpa's Tea: Green Tea Whiskey:

"Green tea whiskey" is quite popular in mainland China. It was originally a drink known to the older generation, but in recent years it has gradually become popular among young people. At the same time, it has a wonderful taste of tea and wine, which completely subverts the established impression of bartending, making people fall in love with one sip, and even sweet fu. Studies have found that green tea is best with sweetness, and sugar-free green tea will be too bitter!

Pantera: Spicy Ginger Whiskey

If you think the bartenders introduced above are too pediatric, welcome to challenge "Ginger Ale Whiskey". It is a type of Highball. The method is very simple. You only need to add a lot of ice cubes, a little whiskey and a full glass to the glass. Ginger ale has become a spicy cocktail. The unique spiciness of ginger ale is blended with the spiciness of the whiskey itself, and one sip is guaranteed to ignite a raging fire in your throat, which is 100% exciting!