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You might want to know about windscreen insurance and how to claim it.

You might have got a windscreen crack and are willing to get your windscreen replacement done. You might want to know about windscreen insurance and how to claim it.

Here are some tried and tested answers to all your questions related to windscreen insurance claim.

#1 – Why do you need windscreen cover?

If your windscreen is cracked, chipped, or shattered, a windscreen cover allows you to repair it without having to pay a huge excess.

Many comprehensive plans include windshield coverage; nevertheless, double-check with your insurer to ensure your windscreen is covered. If you don't have particular windshield coverage, you'll almost certainly be required to pay the whole excess and risk losing your no-claims bonus.

Windscreen coverage may be included as standard, as an add-on, or not at all, depending on your policy. Even firms that provide complete windshield coverage will have varying conditions, so read the fine print carefully before purchasing any policy.

#2 - What are the benefits of having a windscreen cover?

You might not believe a little chip in your windscreen is a big issue and isn't worth getting fixed. However, if the chip is not addressed, it may develop into a fracture, which may finally shatter the windscreen.

Windscreen coverage will very certainly cover the cost of any repairs or replacements, however you will still be responsible for the excess for each claim. This excess, however, is generally significantly smaller than the entire amount you'd have to pay for a typical automobile insurance claim.

#3 - Will I be responsible for excess if I file a claim?

The amount of your excess will vary depending on your policy if you file a claim for a broken windscreen on your vehicle insurance. If you simply need to fix a chip or minor crack in your windscreen, your vehicle insurance provider may not even charge you an excess in some instances. If you do need your windshield repaired, make sure you go to a reputable shop and check with your insurance provider beforehand.

#4 - Is it legal for me to drive if my windscreen is cracked?

Driving with a damaged windscreen might result in points on your license and a fine. You might even be charged with a more serious traffic offence if you drove with a cracked windscreen and were involved in an accident.

#5 Is it possible to fix or replace my broken windshield?

To decide whether your windscreen needs to be fixed or replaced, windscreen replacement firms will look at the size of the chip and where it is on the glass.

In most situations, a complete replacement can be avoided if:

·        The chip or fracture in the windshield is less than 28mm in length.

·        If it's in the driver's field of view, the chip or fracture is less than 10mm.

·        The chip or crack extends beyond the window's edge by at least 6cm.

If you want to get windscreen insurance claim, contact Mobile Windscreen.  Simply tell us a bit about yourself, the car you're insuring, and your driving history, and we'll compile a selection of quotations that are specific to your needs.